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Stephanie Chavez

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Stephanie Chavez is the author of the food and lifestyle blog Spanglish Spoon, where she curates her own experiences in recipe development and personal memoirs. Her passion in experimenting with food has led her to a love of discovering new ways to simplify and breathe new life into traditional Mexican food for future generations. Her recipes come with step-by-step images that illustrate the process of each recipe while enticing the hungry eye. She hopes to encourage home cooks to be curious and comfortable experimenting in the kitchen, while preserving their own food-inspired memoirs. You can find more of her recipes on and

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Smoked Salmon Bagel Sandwich

Smoked Salmon Bagel Sandwich 9

Eight years ago, before my husband and I started having children, our dinner menu looked so much more different than it does today. For starters, we ate out more. When we stayed in to cook at home our meals were more diverse in texture, flavor, and ethnicity. We weren’t focused on keeping our meals light […]


Grilled Anaheim Chile & Corn with Melted Queso Enchilado

Grilled Anaheim chile and corn with melted queso enchillado 5

This time of year the weather starts to warm up and begins to present us with many opportunities to have dinner outside in our backyards. This is wonderful for those of us who don’t enjoy warming up the kitchen with the oven on a hot day. For me and my family, a typical backyard fare […]

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