Ancho-Turkey Soup

    10 Mins
    35 Mins
    Serves 8

Big birds often lead to loads of leftovers during the holidays. And while we can easily use up those turkey leftovers in gooey quesadillas, bulging burritos or a simple sandwich, sometimes a pantry raid is all we need to remind us that even turkey leftovers can once again soar to new heights. This recipe is for leftover turkey, but any poultry, leftover or otherwise, will work. This soup comes together quickly because the turkey is already cooked, the canned beans are a pantry staple and your blender does most of the work.

But what makes this soup soar? Creaminess. Cacique Crema Mexicana is stirred into the soup just before serving. Oh, and there is a 10-ounce package of Cacique Queso Quesadilla, because of it’s amazing melting ability. Then there are the white beans. Here, for speedy service, we used canned cannelloni beans, but you can even use leftover pinto beans. Just a few minutes cooking time will help to break down the beans for just a little more creaminess.

As for the flavor profile of this soup, the best way to describe it is “smoky.” Using a couple dried ancho chiles, another pantry staple, is more than enough for punchy smokiness in every spoonful. Use some kitchen shears to snip off the stems and cut them open. And no added oil. The dried ancho is dry toasted just long enough to release some of those natural oils.

So, when you find yourself with too much turkey, ditch the sandwich and make this delicious soup. Don’t forget the Cacique Crema Mexicana for creaminess and the Cacique Queso Quesadilla. And remember that garnishes are not limited to cilantro and pepitas. Why not crumble on top Cacique Cotija or even some Cacique Soy Chorizo?

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