Avocado & Chorizo Stuffed Quesadillas

    10 Mins
    20 Mins
    Serves 4

These Avocado and Chorizo Stuffed Quesadillas make a delicious lunch meal in just 30 minutes. Stuffed with avocado, chorizo, and Manchego cheese, there is no shortage of flavor in these quesadillas! They are also great for slicing into triangles and serving as an appetizer for a family get-together or party! As I was making them, everyone in the kitchen asked about the chorizo ¬– whether it was ready to eat, if you just slice and serve it, etc., but I quickly explained that the chorizo needed to be removed from it’s casing and cooked, and that I was adding some diced bell pepper and onion to it. As soon as I was done cooking the chorizo, my husband just had to taste test it. He dove into the skillet with a couple tortilla chips and I was lucky I had any left for the quesadillas! But after tasting the Avocado and Chorizo Stuffed Quesadilla my husband told me I could make them again for lunch anytime!

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