Back To School With Four Quesos Potato Chip Mac & Cheese Cups

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It’s time to get my son’s back to school uniforms washed, embroided, and ready to wear. We bought the perfect pencil case and backpack to get him first grade ready. More important than all the hoopla made over his shoes and clothes is getting his lunch right. I have a picky eater on my hands who won’t just eat anything I pack him for lunch everyday. In fact sometimes his lunch box comes back completely full. That is my worst nightmare to know my son is at school not eating. It has even become a challenge to send a simple sandwich and chips. It has to be what he likes or he’s just not going to eat it. Lucky for me there is a bright side to all this lunch madness, my son loves cheese. I know if I send a lunch loaded with cheese, he’ll eat it, and that’s what I tend to do most of the time. I usually make him quesadillas, or little pizzas, or grilled cheese sandwiches, but when I want to do something a bit more on the special side I make him mac and cheese with Cacique® Four Quesos Blend Shredded Cheese and potato chips. I bake them in cupcake holders for individual servings and easy packing purposes. This delicious compact lunch has worked like a charm. He loves being able to take a hearty cheesy mac and cheese to school and relishes the crunch that the potato chips provide. What he doesn’t know is I infuse the crema with onion, garlic, and basil to boost the flavor without him knowing those ingredients are in there. Just one less thing for him to complain about.

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