Bacon Berry Queso Mini Loaf

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Last year, morning school day breakfast consisted of boring options. Not many of those options were even homemade. I wasn’t the best at mornings. As we gear up for back to school, I already have a list of things I want to do because I want mornings to be amazing for my family. I plan on kicking off each day with something homemade. My only catch is having this homemade goodness be made ahead of time.

This summer I’ve been surprising the kids with delicious treats and tasty breakfast options. My hope was that they’d find a few that they’d like for breakfast that I could make during the school year. I’d been trying out homemade fluffy donuts, fresh fruit muffins, and even mini loaves with special ingredients like Bacon!

Being able to make something ahead of time for breakfast will make my mornings so much easier. I can already see my cake stand filled with pastry’s every morning ready for the kids to enjoy and my freezer stocked with easy heating homemade breakfast options.

Their latest favorite was a total win. I made Bacon Berry Queso Mini Loaves! This recipe has a piece of everyone’s favorite ingredients. The best part is being able to customize them every time I make them because the variety of preserves, jams, and marmalades are pretty incredible nowadays. I love being able to use products I have on hand for my make ahead treats too. Using rich products like Cacique’s Crema Mexicana instead of milk and adding some moisture to our batter with Cacique’s Queso Blanco really help make my treats spectacular.

I hope they enjoy these treats and request more throughout the school year. There’s no stopping me now when I get to enjoy delicious baked goods every morning too. Here’s to starting off to a sweet school year!

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