Black Bean Tlacoyo with Cotija Cheese

    5 Min
    25 Min

There are few ingredients that call my name like cheese does. So partnering to work with Cacique, the number one brand of Mexican cheeses, is a dream come true. Making tlacoyos with Cacique® Cotija was a no-brainer to me for a vegetarian meal, but I also wanted something a little healthier than deep-fried masa. With that in mind, and to heed the Sirens’ call of cheese, I ventured forth with this version of Black Bean Tlacoyos made with Cacique® Cotija cheese.

From tortillas and tamales, to porridge and cakes, masa harina, or corn flour, isn’t just a traditional ingredient in Mexican cuisine, it’s an essential ingredient, just like cheese. Tlacoyos, a cross between huarraches and pupusas, are oblong/torpedo-shaped masa cakes that are filled with beans and sometimes cheese. The tlacoyos are typically deep fried and topped with fresh salsa, spunky cheese and tender nopalitos. In this recipe, I lightly pan fried the tlacoyos to make them a bit healthier.

I approached this recipe for Black Bean Tlacoyos the same way I would when making corn tortillas: it’s easy…with a little practice. The first two that I made came out looking like black bean mashed on a plate, so have patience. Once I realized how easy these masa cakes are to make, it got me thinking about our tamal-making parties during the holidays, and I went for it, freezing batches of uncooked tlacoyos for quick meals throughout the month.

Keep in mind that this recipe yields 12 medium or 6 larger tlacoyos. If you decide to make larger tlacoyos, be aware of portion control. I used zero added salt because cotija adds just the right amount of saltiness, but Cacique® Panela works great with this recipe, too.

Full disclosure: I like using lard when working with masa. However, for this healthier, vegetarian meal I skipped the lard and lost zero flavor. The trick is to get as much flavor from your ingredients, like sautéing onions and adding fresh citrus zest.

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