Brazil 2014: Final Victory Feasts


This is it. After four long years, the World Cup is finally ready to be claimed by a country again. As Germany and Argentina face off to bring home the glory, we’re ready for our final viewing party until the Cup is up for grabs again in 2018. How do we celebrate the end of the biggest professional sporting tournament in the world? With LOTS of cheese of course! Here are two recipes that will help satisfy our cravings for the next four years.

Natalia Carter from Comiendo en LA created an Oaxaca Chorizo Dip that is just oozing with creamy deliciousness. This hearty dip is great for chips or crackers, but it can also be used with empanadas, tacos, or Colombian arepas. You can get the full recipe by clicking here.


Noelle Kelly from Opera Singer in the Kitchen was torn by her dual heritage from Mexico and Chile when she had to root for a team in the World Cup. She brought this conflict into her cooking and created two Queso Fundido recipes to compete against each other. For Chile, she made Mushroom Queso Fundido with Roasted Red Peppers. For Mexico, she made Chorizo Queso Fundido with Roasted Poblano Peppers. While neither of her teams made it to the finals, both of her recipes are worthy of the championship. You can get the full recipes by clicking here.

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