Brazil 2014: Refreshing Half-Time Snacks


As the competition for the World Cup heats up, so should your team spirit at home! And what better way to show off your national pride than with creative dishes that proudly display your team’s colors? Melissa Bailey from Hungry Food Love has some helpful tips for dressing up your dishes:

• When your favorite team is playing, think of different food options that you enjoy eating which match the same color scheme as your team’s uniform.
• Don’t forget about fruits! There are a wide variety of fruit colors including: red (strawberries, cherries), yellow (pineapple), blue (blueberries), green (kiwi, grapes, melon), orange (cantaloupe, oranges), and even white (bananas, pears, or apples). Make a delicious fruit-salad inspired by your team’s colors!
• If you want to keep things simple, you always cook traditional dishes from the two competing countries. May the best dish win!

So what will Cacique® be serving at our own World Cup parties? As much as we love the USA team, we’re also very excited to see Mexico go all the way. With this in mind, we chose two recipes that put the Mexican flag colors front and center. ¡Viva México!


You may not be able to watch a game in live Brazil, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the stadium experience into your living room! Nicole Presley from Presley’s Pantry created a recipe for Mexican Stadium Chicken Salad that will have your entire party shouting “GOOOOAL” after every bite. Every seat in this mini stadium is sold out with shredded chicken, bacon, a plethora of tasty veggies, Crema Mexicana Agria, and our signature Ranchero® Queso Fresco. You can get the full recipe by clicking here.


It doesn’t always take a stadium bowl to show off your team colors. Kathy Cano-Murillo from Crafty Chica created a healthy Queso Fresco Melon Salad to support Mexico with a colorful medley of red, white, green and a dash of orange to reflect the warm disposition of the country. Not only is it easy to make, this dish also serves as a refreshing counter-balance to the savory foods and flavors that tend to dominate party menus. All you need is watermelon, cantaloupe, walnuts, mint, and Ranchero® Queso Fresco, and then you’re good to goooooooooo! You can get the full recipe by clicking here.

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