Cacique® 5 Ingredient Hot Pockets

    10 Mins
    45 Mins

Sometimes we forget that cooking a good meal doesn’t always have to require dozens of ingredients and take up countless hours of our day. That’s why this 5-ingredient recipe is such a breath of fresh air. With just 5 excellent quality ingredients, you can put together these Mexican inspired hot pockets in no time at all!

Since it is August and everyone is gearing up for back to school, I really wanted to do a simple recipe that oozed homemade goodness, but was easy for anyone to make with a small list of ingredients. Hot pockets are just that, and best of all, you can be as creative as you want with what you put into them. I’ve been really inspired lately by ingredients from other cultures, so when I saw the Cacique® chorizo and Oaxaca cheese, my mind raced to find one more classic and traditional Mexican ingredient to include. When I saw nopales, which is a common name in Spanish for cactus, I knew the sort of sour flavor it has would combine perfectly with the other ingredients.

I started out by placing the nopales in a strainer, coating them really well with salt, and letting them sit for about ten minutes, which helps get a bit of the sliminess out. Then, I rinsed them and placed in a pot of boiling water. After about 10 minutes, when were are tender, I strained and set aside. In a separate pan, I cooked the chorizo for 10 minutes and then poured it into a strainer to get rid of all the excess fat. This step is very important, otherwise the hot pockets won’t seal correctly.

Next, I laid out all my puff pastry on a well-floured surface, and cut each sheet into 6 strips. Then, all I had to do was place my cheese, chorizo, and nopales on the top portion of the puff pastry, brush edges with egg wash, fold in half, and seal the edges with a fork. Finally, I brushed the tops of the pastry with more egg wash, and poked 3 holes with a knife. Into the oven they went for about 25 minutes, until they were golden brown!

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