Cacique® “L.A. Dog” Empanadas

    10 Mins
    18-20 Mins
    Serves 36

New Yorkers add sauerkraut to them. In Chicago, pickles and tomatoes adorn them. But, in Los Angeles, our iconic hot dog is wrapped in the beautiful, all mighty bacon. The taste of the smoky bacon and wiener alone is something to write home to ma about, but you know us Angelenos, we always want more!

I love walking out of a football or baseball stadium and find the hot dog cart magically appear at night on the sidewalk or near the parking lot. Typically, there’s a small line of event goers cheerfully looking onto the cart’s griddle top of rows of bacon wrapped dogs. On the side of those wieners are all the toppings: grilled onions caramelizing to sweet goodness, bell peppers, and roasted jalapeños. The side of the cart or on a small folding table nearby are squeeze bottles with thick mayonnaise, crema, and for you traditionalists, good or’ mustard and ketchup.

The hot dog street carts are where I took my inspiration for the Cacique® LA Dog Empanada. A spoonful of the creamy and cheesy filling mixed with wieners, crumbled bacon, and of course, jalapeños. We use a combination of Cacique® Queso Enchilado and Queso Cotija. The two kinds of cheese complement each other as the enchilado has a robust flavor that shreds and melts beautifully and the artisan cotija cheese adds a salty full-bodied flavor to the filling mixture. In replace of the mayonnaise, we used the tangy sour cream flavor and creamy Cacique® Crema Salvadoreña.

During football and baseball season, I look for easy-to-make finger foods that are loaded with flavor. These Cacique® LA Dog Empanadas scored big at our last tailgate party, and I am sure they will be a hit with your sports fanaticos as well.

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