Cacique® Muffuletta

    10 Mins plus 1 Hr resting in the refrigerator
    15-20 Mins

When it’s 95 degrees outside, it’s about 5-10 degrees hotter in our kitchen. So believe me when I say that I am deeply inspired by dining al fresco. Finding a cool spot outside in the shade, with a cold beverage, just waiting for the thrill of a light breeze – that’s summer living!

We just returned from N’awlings, where its hot AND humid, with a new perspective on New Orleans cuisine, from Cajun, to Creole, to good old Southern BBQ. We are excited to explore some new ideas for LatinoFoodie fusion dishes. But before we go gumbo, lets muffuletta!

A muffuletta is basically a sandwich that is layered with deli meats, cheese and pickled vegetables known as giardiniera. This recipe has two cooked components: roasted pasilla peppers and Cacique® Longaniza, a cured pork sausage. I’d recommend grilling the longaniza for extra smoky flavor, but in a pinch a frying pan on your stove top works great. All this meat and cheese gets layered into a hollowed out, round bread bowl. Tightly wrapping the sandwich will help with compacting it so the cheese and pickled veggies don’t fall out, but also in marrying the flavors of the longaniza, olive oil, garlic, and vinegary pickled cauliflower, carrots, and yellow peppers. This is an important part as you do want the sandwich to rest. The fresh and mild Cacqiue Queso Fresco’s clean, milky flavor balances the fatty deli meats, longaniza, and bite of the vinegar.

This muffuletta can come together pretty quickly, but can be made up to 24 hours in advance of your outdoor dining. So pack your shades and muffuletta, and tell your friends you’ll meet them where the breeze blows.

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