Cacique® Quesadilla Cook-Off, Round 5: “Guava Quesadillas” or “Quesadillas with Spinach, Cranberries & Queso Fresco”


This is it…the final round of the Cacique® Cinco de Mayo Quesadilla Cook-Off! We’ve enjoyed so many wonderful recipes over the past few days, and we’re sad to see this culinary cook-off come to an end. On the bright side, we now have ten inventive and delicious quesadilla recipes to try out and show off at any meal or party. So without further ado, we present to you the final two recipes for your Cinco de Mayo party and beyond.

First up is Natalia Carter from Comiendo en LA with her recipe for “Guava Quesadillas.” Her Colombian heritage played a big roll in the inspiration for this recipe which features “Yucca Bread,” a popular guava and cheese snack from her native country. Natalia’s quesadilla offers a unique tropical twist on a desert option that is unlike anything else you’ve probably tasted. It can work great as an innovative dessert dish, or provide the perfect “sweet” way to start your day in the morning. Please note that her recipe post is in Spanish, and you can find the recipe by clicking here.


For our final recipe, we have Danielly Lara de Azevedo from Un Dulche Hogar. She created a “Quesadillas with Spinach, Cranberries & Queso Fresco” as a simple and nutritious recipe that features an amazing combination of textures and flavors. In a clever and patriotic twist, the Spinach, Cranberries & Queso Fresco also give this Quesadilla the colors of the Mexican flag. Like Natalia, her recipe is presented in Spanish and can be found by clicking here.


So here we are at the finish of our Cinco de Mayo Quesadilla Cook-Off, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on all the delicious recipes that we’ve experience together. The Triple Decker and the Chorizo & Potato Quesadilla started Round 1 with a hearty meal. Round 2 brought us the Oaxaca Steak and Grilled Pineapple & Pork Quesadilla that gave us a creative twist on classic preparations. We also ventured into new territory in Round 3 with a Stuffed Chicken Fajita Quesadilla and Grilled Peach Quesadillas with Honey Whipped Cream. Round 4 brought us back to our roots with Carne Asada & Avocado Quesadillas as well as Fried Quesadillas with Squash Blossoms, Mushrooms & Corn. We have been surprised and delighted with everything we have tasted so far, and today’s Quesadilla selections are no different.

So tell us one last time, which one would you cook first? Will it be the exotic Guava Quesadillas or the patriotic Quesadillas with Spinach, Cranberries & Queso Fresco?

Tell us in the comments below! Thank you for joining us on this culinary journey for Cinco de Mayo, and remember to always Go Auténtico!

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