Cacique® Queso Quesadilla Corundas

    60 Min
    3 Hr

If you can close your eyes and imagine the sweet aroma of a steamed corn dumpling, you’ll have a pretty good idea about Corundas. Corundas come from the Mexican State of Michoacán, where the indigenous peoples, known as the Purépechas, have been making them for generations. A quick glance at the ingredients list and your mind will settle quickly on tamales. Corundas are made from corn flour, or masa harina, like tamales, but they don’t usually have fillings, with the exception of cheese and a sprinkling of vegetables. Sold from food carts and stalls, corundas are typically triangular in shape and are steamed in fresh corn leaves, not dried husks like tamales.

The following recipe for cheese corundas relies heavily on the flavor of corn from the masa and a great cheese, because it lacks the familiar flavors of smoky pork or spicy shredded beef that you are probably used to in a tamal.

Cacique® Queso Quesadilla cheese is perfect for making corundas. The cheese has a soft nutty flavor with a creamy mouth feel, and like the name implies, it melts spectacularly.

If you can’t locate fresh corn leaves to wrap the corundas, simply substitute plantain leaves like I did. (I promise I won’t tell.) Plantain leaves are tougher, so take the time to soak them in really hot water for at least an hour, or until pliable. They are also bigger, so you’ll need about 1 whole leaf per dozen. Also, when making the masa, keep it on the firm side so it doesn’t ooze out the seams. And the amount of cheese you use is entirely up to you. Corundas take some practice, but you’ll be a pro by your second dozen.

This recipe easily doubles and freezes remarkably well. For group events, make them a little smaller and serve as appetizers or as a side for carne asada. If you want to serve them as a meal, bulk up the size and serve alongside Spanish rice and homemade beans. Don’t forget to spoon on the salsa and drizzle on some Cacique® Crema Mexicana!

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