Cheese and Longaniza Arepas

    15 Min
    40 Min

The first time I tried arepas was at a church street fair in East Los Angeles. Tall stacks of cheese-filled patties caught my attention as they exchanged the hands of patrons. Topped with shredded cabbage and lettuce, chunks of avocado and a deep red salsa, the smell of warm masa permeated the cold night air.

I asked the woman who proudly placed the plate on my hand if these masa discs were a variation of Mexican gorditas. The woman gasped and said, “no, no,no! They might look similar but the ingredients are completely different.”

She explained the big difference in the flours this street food is made with. Arepas are made with masarepa, a pre-cooked, finer cornmeal that forms a smooth dough when mixed with water. The texture is less grainy and fluffier than masa harina. It cooks quickly and can easily be stuffed with various ingredients.

For a quick and easy meal, I wanted to give arepas a try and stuff them with cheese and big pieces of Cacique® Longaniza Fresca. I precooked the longaniza and stuffed it in these tasty corn cakes. Cacique® Longaniza is full of flavor and cooks in large pieces. It can also be broken up to a smaller crumble if stirred continuously when cooking. The beauty of this longaniza is that the casing can be removed or left as is to be cooked on the grill. It’s a very versatile meat that can be incorporated into many dishes.

For added flavor and balance, I included a couple of pieces of Cacique® Queso Quesadilla Cheese. The flavors melded beautifully and made a very kid-friendly snack as well as a convenient lunch. No silverware is needed and fits perfectly in any lunch box.

You will be surprised at how quickly arepas cook and just how few ingredients are needed to prepare a complete meal that ishearty, mouthwatering and a new family favorite.

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