Cheesy Chorizo Baked Oysters

    15 Min
    25 Min

During summer time I tend to entertain more often than usual. Some of my friends already know my signature dishes and one of them are these amazing baked Oysters. Oysters are such a delicacy and every time I need a special appetizer that will be an exquisite treat for my guests, I always think of this recipe. Oysters can be eaten raw and I love them that way too but to be safe that everyone will enjoy them, I tend to serve them baked most of the time. You can top them with any ingredient you’d like but who does not love cheese? Cheese is the ideal ingredient to make this recipe extra lucius. I like to use chorizo as well as it gives a kick of flavor that boosts the oysters. I like to use Cacique® chorizos as they are packed with flavor and a rich aroma from the spices and herbs in them.

To make them, start by heating the chorizo with a little bit of jalapeño. Cacique® chorizos already have the traditional spicy zest that is characteristic of an authentic Mexican chorizo but I like to kick the heat up a notch by adding a pepper like jalapeños or serranos. You decide. Adding breadcrumbs to the chorizo will add texture to the oysters filling and the bread crumbs will soak all the tasty chorizo oils.
Placed your shucked oysters on top of a bed of salt, or any other surface that can help you keep the oysters balanced in the oven to not loose any of its rich juices. Top the oysters with the chorizo mixture, followed by a generous amount of grated cheese. I used Oaxaca as it melts so well.
Once out of the oven served them with lemon slices and top them with chopped cilantro.
These are so full of flavor, texture and quality ingredients that everyone will devour them in seconds.
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