Cheesy Snake Witch

    2 Hrs
    0 Mins
    Serves 4-6

This Halloween, we are going all out with our decorations. We are even having a Halloween birthday costume party for my son. As part of the appetizer table, a creepy snake witch centerpiece will be displayed to amuse the guests. The snake is made out of Cacique Four Quesos Blend and shredded Queso Cotija in a thick cream cheese mixture. The spread is delicious if eaten as is with crostini or crackers. But when spread on the bread used in this recipe, it becomes the perfect canvas to create a detailed snake skin. This snake witch is made completely out of edible materials, just make sure the toothpicks used to shape the bread are removed before consuming. Also, dried kidney beans decorate the surface of the snake, you can always replace those with a different kind of edible seed or remove them before cutting into the snake witch. Enjoy making this with your kids. It’s an excellent family project to get them in the mood for Halloween.

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