Chilaquiles Rojos – The Anytime Meal

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People say children have a ton of first memories, and I can certainly attest to that. One of my first food memories was the red chile laced fried corn tortilla pieces smothered in melty cheese that I had come to know as chilaquiles. For my single Mom who didn’t cook much this was a super easy traditional meal she could throw together in no time and get me fed. I celebrated the slightly spicy dish and could eat them morning, noon or night. If she served them at breakfast she would serve an egg on the side. I especially enjoyed chilaquiles served at lunch or dinner with a side of refried beans and a healthy dollop of crema…. Not much has changed, I still enjoy them anytime of day and eat them often.

As an adult who is making this delicious meal for my family there are several things I have come to discover about them: Chilaquiles are a reasonably priced dish for people who may be budget minded, they are one of the most traditional Mexican dishes celebrated both in Mexico and here in the U.S., and don’t take that long to prepare. Chilaquiles also make a fantastic vegetarian meal with Cacique® Quesadilla Jalapeño and Cacique® Cotija cheeses rounding the dish out and taking it to sublime status. The Crema Mexicana Agria accent is as essential as a compliment to the spicy chile sauce as is the fried corn tortilla pieces.

Make chilaquiles for your next meal.

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