Chilaquiles with Creamy Salsa Verde

    20 Mins
    25 Mins
    Serves 4

As a parent who has a busy schedule, I know it can seem challenging to give your kids healthy, delicious food that is simple and easy. I like to start off with things that I know my son likes and build off of that. When there are young kids and adults, it can be challenging to find dishes that everyone likes. This is a family classic, it’s flavorful and bright, yet easy to make and a real crowd pleaser. My son loves this because he can help out in the kitchen and it’s fun to eat because you can use your hands. We incorporated the new Cacique® Jalapeño Sour Cream this year to give it an extra kick. The kids like to help putting on all the garnishes and finishing touches, and the squeeze bottle is fun and easy for them to use. This is a perfect dish for a brunch with a big crowd, because everyone loves some good crunch, eggs and a tasty sauce. This is an old school Mexican dish that my Abuela used to make for us on the weekends and I am now putting my own twist on it.

You can have fun with this one and it’s very simple, so if you have young kids who want to help out or friends and family that don’t cook often. Especially on the weekends, we like to invite people over to the house for big fiesta. It’s a real communal dish and easy to serve in big or small quantities depending on how many people you are serving. I love the combination of tomatillos, fresh eggs, and the creaminess of the Cacique® products to make it a true comfort food. It’s a real go-to if we want to sleep in and have guests coming over shortly. The textures are really what make this, so be sure to serve as soon as they’re hot and ready!

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