Chiles Rellenos with Vegetable Picadillo


Dia de los Muertos is a three-day long celebration honoring the souls of the departed. It’s not a somber occasion like most people think, it’s a festive, uplifting holiday that really celebrates the lives of those who are no longer with us.

One of my favorite traditions is creating Dia de los Muertos altars at my restaurants. I always include photos and mementos of my grandmother and my father along with some of their favorite foods and other festive decorations like colorful sugar skulls and marigolds. We put them right at the front of the restaurants so people can see them as they walk in. Putting everything together on the altar has become a fun way for me to sort through my dad’s and grandmother’s things and remember the good times we had cooking, eating and sharing stories.

For me, the biggest focus is on the food. We run special menus at the restaurants highlighting my dishes that my grandmother taught me to make. I love to make her albóndigas and tamales de mole amarillo. My chiles rellenos also makes an appearance on the menu, as this was a dish that my dad loved. Take a look at the recipe below and I hope you enjoy this fun holiday. Be sure to take some time to remember all the special times you shared with those who are no longer with us.

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Sanchez-SFBF-Recipe-Photo-Chiles Rellenos with Vegetable Picadillo

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