Chorizo Chili Tater Tots Casserole

    10 Mins
    30 Mins
    Serves 4

Whether you’re showing how to pull together the ultimate Game Night spread, or presenting a tailgating must-have, the possibilities are truly endless.

I partnered with Cacique® to create this easy dish using their fantastic and quite tasty Fully Cooked Chorizos, which is made with authentically seasoned premium pork shoulder and ready to eat in just minutes with zero mess.

When it comes to game night, Chorizo Chili Tater Tots Casserole is one dish that we undeniably enjoy. It takes just a few convenient, delicious and authentic ingredients to create this amazingly appetizing casserole for your family and friends.

That being said, game night or not this could be one phenomenal weeknight dinner put together in no time.

To round out my tasty spread, I served crunchy corn chips with Cacique® Jalapeño Queso Dip alongside my Chorizo Chili Tater Tots Casserole. I finished the dish with a drizzle of Cacique® Spicy Jalapeno sour cream.

Cacique® Fully Cooked Chorizo is a great go-to when you want to pull together a quick, delicious and authentic Mexican meals. Not only is it made with premium ingredients, it has no additives and nothing artificial. Pick some up and make this Chorizo Chili Tater Tots Casserole or get creative with it and let me know what you whip up!

Cacique® Fully Cooked Chorizos are Available in Four Delicious Varieties:

Premium Pork Shoulder, Chorizo with Eggs, Chorizo with Bacon & Potato and Chorizo with Queso.

How to Enjoy: 

Simply heat in the microwave, oven or stovetop for as few as 3–4 minutes and enjoy. From breakfast during the morning rush to taco night to game day, Cacique® Fully Cooked Chorizos are the perfect filling – or delicious all on their own!

Use anywhere you’d typically enjoy chorizo, whether adding protein to tacos, stuffing burritos and enchiladas or even serving a dip for tortilla chips.

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