Chorizo Christmas Quiche

    15 Mins
    75 Mins
    Serves 8

Every Christmas morning growing up, my mom would make something special for breakfast. It was something I would always look forward to after the presents, of course! As I grew older, the excitement centered more around family and togetherness, rather than all the presents, and breakfast was the perfect glue.

As time went on, I moved out, and though I would go back home for the holidays when I could, there were some times that I just couldn’t make it. My cooking chops weren’t as developed back then, and I was lucky to have anything special at all, being a poor college student! There were a few years that I really missed out on that Christmas breakfast.

Fast forward to the present, and many, many years of experience, I’ve transformed my love of food, cooking, and family into my own tradition – A Christmas Quiche! While every year tends to be a little different, there must absolutely be a quiche. For without it, it just doesn’t seem like Christmas. Admittedly, it is pretty involved to make, but it’s worth every single minute. I’ve always described it as a spicy, cheesy, smoky, and savory custard with a flaky crust. It’s the epitome of savory decadence, and is something that not only allows me to show love to my loved ones, but also brings us together. Serve with some spiked coffee, cozy socks, and start Christmas Day off in grand fashion!

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