Chorizo Enfrijoladas con Queso

    5 Min

When I think about family meals with my familia, frijoles are always in the picture. They were a staple in our home. Beans use to be such a simple food to me as a kid. Becoming an adult, I soon realized how much they meant to my dad and how a little always went a long way.

My dad told me stories about his childhood in Mexico while preparing dinner. His love for beans was more about survival and learning to appreciate the little things. This is why he continued to serve us beans in so many ways. From frijoles de la hoya, tostadas de frijoles and even mixing up bacon or chorizo to make them more delicious—we always ate frijoles.

Our family dinners were always great but it was the stories that I loved so much. My dad’s stories were about being grateful and truly being happy with what his family could afford. When you have so little, you get creative and you learn to work with what you have.

When I think about my Mexican heritage I remember my dad’s stories. I learned to cook because of him. I’ve learned how the best meals can be effortless and my chorizo enfrijoladas de queso are exactly that. They are a quick meal, filling, and so flavorful.

To my kids, I’m just cooking up another tasty meal but to me, they embody everything my parents have taught me. Food has become the vessel to teaching my kids my heritage. I will continue to celebrate specials days like Mexican Independence day with delicious food and conversations to honor my family heritage.

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