Cotija, Corn, and Mushroom Tacos

    10 Min
    20 Min

One of the simplest and most delicious dishes one can prepare are tacos. No silverware is necessary, they are easy to transport and are customizable for any particular taste and palate. All you need is a thick tortilla, a thick napkin and a good taco filling to turn lunch into a successful and gratifying time.

Nowadays, vegetarian food is easy to find everywhere. From street food stands and carts to pop-up, trendy and chic restaurants, you’ll be sure to see a vegetarian section on the menu.

At home, I like to prepare vitamin-packed tacos full of fresh vegetables and a tasty texture for my family and friends. Many of my friends who are vegetarian love this recipe because the result is hearty, flavorful and on the dinner table in a short amount of time.

Although I love a good carne asada taco, it’s great to explore other taco filling combinations. The bite and taste of roasted Poblano chiles, thick, plump mushrooms and sweet corn is a scrumptious medley one cannot pass up. Top it all with a generous portion of Cacique® Queso Cotija and you’ve got yourself a winning combination that will become a staple in your family’s weekly dinner menu.

If you are not a fan of any of the vegetables used to prepare these tacos, replace them with cooked Mexican squash, chayote, onion strips or green chiles. The possibilities are endless when your favorite tacos are topped with bold Cacique® Queso Cotija to perfect and complete this delicious experience.
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