Creamy Mushroom Soup

    15 Min
    25 Min

Finally September is upon us, and all the ruckus of back to school is starting to settle and Fall is threatening to make its way back into our lives. September represents a lot of different things: Hispanic Heritage Month, the month of the Virgo, baseball coming to an end, and start of the football season. Here is what I’d like to focus on… September is National Mushroom Month. I believe it is time to celebrate the hongo big, whether you make mushroom empanadas, mushroom sopes, or a mushroom pizza, as long as you’re eating mushrooms.

Mushrooms are so good for you and are packed with Vitamin D! Did you know if you place a bowl of mushrooms outside in the sun for 10 minutes before consuming they will give you all the vitamin D you need for that day? How amazing is that? Let’s celebrate the mushroom month with this delicious soup. It is beyond tasty and I blame Cacique’s Crema Mexicana for elevating this soup to its creamy level of nirvana. One bite in and you will never eat a cream of mushroom out of the can again. Oh, and you’ll seriously not believe how incredible the crumbled Cotija stands out and compliments the mellow mushroom so well in this creamy soupy delight. Don’t wait around grab some mushrooms and Cacique® today and get to making soup!

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