Crispy Quesadilla “Fries”

    5 Mins
    10 Mins
    Serves 2

I don’t know what it is about kids and fries, but if my daughter, Lana, is within sniffing range of a kids menu, chances are she’s got fries on the brain. Since I’m not super comfortable deep-frying at home (a French fry-initiated grease fire nearly burned down the kitchen in my childhood home – who can blame me!?), these quesadilla “fries” make an appearance quite regularly. And who can resist a meal where fries are the main event? Certainly not me!

The technique for these quesadilla fries is nothing new: tortilla, cheese, tortilla, grill. BUT it’s the crispy coating of frico’d Cacique® Cotija on these guys that gives them their sturdy “fry” likeness once they’re cut into thick strips. With a side of cool Crema Mexicana Agria for dipping – and a veritable bounty of equally snacky veggie sticks alongside — this is the kind of recipe that makes eating in feel just a little more like eating out. Now I just need to print up the kids menus…

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