Double Bean Quesadillas

    5 Mins
    5 Mins
    Serves 5

Meatless meals don’t need to leave you hungry. These double bean quesadillas are super satisfying because of a double dose of protein. Black beans and pinto beans pair with mild green chiles for added flavor. Freshly grated manchego cheese, which melts beautifully, holds it all together. Serve these quesadillas with fresh pico de gallo, which helps cut through the richness of the beans and cheese, and drizzle with cilantro lime sour cream for extra flavor.

This makes a super fast weeknight meal. Mix up the beans and green chiles in the morning to shave off even more time. I like to use a big griddle so I can get them all done quickly, but if you only have a small pan, it’s ok to work in batches. Just make sure both sides are melted and crispy before removing from the pan, because that crisp and creamy combo is what makes these really great!

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