Father’s Day Recipes from Chef Aarón Sánchez


As a father, it is such an honor to teach my son how to be a generous, loving and creative person, both in and out of the kitchen. Through these recipes, you and your kids can show your father or important man in your life how much you appreciate all he does this Father’s Day.

These dishes are simple, fun and a great way to show your love on this special occasion. Get the kids in the kitchen and let them help out if they can – my son loves to mix and pour in the ingredients, and it is such great bonding time. The best part about these recipes is that we get to use authentic and delicious Cacique cheeses, chorizos and cremas.

The Griddled Oaxaca Cheese Sandwiches with Ham and Fried Egg are based on a dish that I used to make with my family on the weekends when I was a kid. So, definitely get the young ones involved! I have such great memories of assembling these sandwiches with my Abuela and watching her cook them and then getting so excited when I saw all that gooey amazing melty cheese. Oaxaca has a mellow, earthy flavor and is similar to an American string cheese or mozzarella, though more buttery with a far superior melt. It’s the perfect cheese for this dish.

Chorizo and Potato Pepper Picadillo is great for any family gathering, including Father’s Day. The chorizo adds a robust and slightly spicy flavor dad is sure to love. The Fresh Corn, Jalapeño and Zucchini Cakes with Crema, Lime and Cilantro Dressing features robust and savory Cotija cheese and is topped with Crema Mexicana to add a fresh-tasting flavor.

I hope you all get the chance to cook these recipes and enjoy quality time with your families and loved ones this Father’s Day.

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