Fire Roasted Pasilla Mushroom Squash Gratin

    45 Min
    90 Min

Having always been an adventurous eater – and being as passionate about cooking as I am – I just assumed I’d have kids who would follow suit. I figured they’d love everything from sushi to exotic spices. Well, I was wrong.

And here’s the irony…my sons love sushi and exotic spices! It’s the foods that are slightly less unfamiliar that they seem to avoid. My 11-year-old often turns down ice cream and doesn’t care for strawberries. My 9-year-old won’t deign to consider an apple or even a glass of orange juice. But if you offer either of them a slice of something like this gratin that’s full of interesting spices and hearty, earthy vegetables, they’ll adore you forever.

This is a vegetarian comfort food dish, and I love it for so many reasons. Its spice is perfectly balanced with a bit of sweetness from the squash and the fresh flavor of Cacique® Crema Mexicana. It’s rich and creamy, while still what I’d consider “light and healthy” — and the bits of Cacique® Ranchero® Queso Fresco on top are enough to make anyone want to dive right in. This dish can be made ahead of time and best of all, everyone at my dinner table cleans their plates and asks for more.

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Cacique-Pasilla Mushroom Squash Gratin-ING-2
Cacique-Pasilla Mushroom Squash Gratin-QUESO FRESCO
Cacique-Pasilla Mushroom Squash Gratin-HERO

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