Ghostly Eyes Halloween Gelatina

    20 Mins
    10 Hrs/overnight
    Serves 12-14

I think about the days when I was a young child and how my Tia would always make a festive Halloween gelatina for us kids while her and my mom were busy making our costumes. It was a way to set the mood and remind us that Halloween was not necessarily a scary holiday but one where we could join together and show just how creative or expressive we desired to be. It was some of the best family bonding I recall as a child. What was in that gelatina that was so gooey and wiggly but came together so gruesomely beautiful and allowed us to stack on the creativity? I don’t know, but I love making a creamy gelatina every year during our Halloween festivities. Cacique® Crema Mexicana makes the perfect ingredient to make ghosts, and the Cacique® Strawberry yogurt give the gelatina such a divine taste. Make it! Then you can serve it as a Halloween party centerpiece food, or as a before trick or treating snack, or just an amazing festive gelatina to bring the family together under one roof to continue stacking on those memories. Happy Halloween!

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