Holiday Cooking with Family


The holidays are always such a celebratory time of the year. We get to have festive gatherings with our family and loved ones. I have a big extended family, and it is so much fun for us all to get together and catch up on each other’s lives. Of course, there is a lot of cooking and congregating in the kitchen that happens; these are the really special moments. Getting to watch my son and other kids in my family learning from my Mom, their grandmother, is so awesome. This is the time when family recipes are passed down to the next generation and they get to know more about their culture and lineage. Showing the kids how to use authentic ingredients like Cacique® products is a great way to reinforce honoring traditions through food. We are Mexican, and there is such a rich history there that they can carry with them throughout their lives.

I feel incredibly proud of my heritage and love to see the next wave of Mexican Americans keeping in touch with their family’s culture and background. We like to instill good work ethic and integrity through family traditions, such as cooking. We also like to teach them the importance of using fresh, pure ingredients; a great example is the range of items that Cacique® offers. Getting kids involved in holiday meal preparation is a fun way for them to learn that they must be attentive and focused on their task, but it is also fun and they can take ownership over their responsibility for a certain dish they are making. This is so important for them to feel independent and see that if they listen and learn, they can succeed at anything; and it all starts in the kitchen.

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