Homemade French Fry Nachos

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    30 Min

Football is at an all time frenzy as we approach the big game. In addition to which team will take the trophy, and who will perform, there is the glorious house parties that happen all across America. People gathering in their homes, hosting private parties to watch the game. I know the drill of getting everything in order from the decorations and banners to the most important part of the party…the food. For the men it might be all about the game but for me, and most of my female friends, it’s all about the eats. I will be hosting a private gathering in my home this year, and have already started to test some of the recipes out on my football frenzied family. I asked my man what he would like served. These were his prerequisites:

  1. It has to be delicious.
  2. It has to have melted cheese on top.
  3. Something people could eat with their hands. Think finger food.
  4. Maybe vegetarian…. I have a vegetarian friend coming over.
  5. Oh, and it has to be delicious.

I looked over his list and knew exactly what to make. I decided to stay inline with a vegetarian dish so everyone would be able to partake. I settled on making French Fry Nachos and used Cacique® Soy Chorizo to give it an extra punch of flavor, and still fall in the vegetarian guidelines. I gave my idea a test run this past weekend, that way the day of the big game…. I know what I’m doing and there would be no touchdown missed. I made a big batch of homemade French fries, then sprinkled them with soy chorizo clumps, and generously covered the top in Cacique® Queso Quesadilla Jalapeno. Then I placed the fries in the oven and let the cheese melt over the soy chorizo and fries. When it came out of the oven…. I sprinkled some Cotija Cheese, fresh diced tomatoes over the top, added some guacamole, and for the finale doused it in Cacique® Crema Mexicana Agria… Oh it was delicious. My family devoured it with their hands until there was none left. We got a winner.

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