How To Make A Marigold Garland


It wouldn’t be Dia De Los Muertos without marigolds. Marigolds, the beautiful orange and yellow bloom is believed to help assist the spirits to their respective alters using the vibrance of their color and the allure of their scent. I make a marigold garland every year and use it as a border to my DDLM alter. Once I decide how big I want the alter I measure the length and go from there. I fill the center with all the foods my deceased loved ones enjoyed. I always write different words in the center with rose petals, depending on my mood or recently departed. This year I wrote ‘Cacique’ as an example, last year it was ‘amor’, the year before that it was my uncle’s name…. it’s always different. I hope you make this marigold garland part of your traditional and make it personal to you and yours. May all the spirits rest in peace and have a party somewhere among the stars. Feliz Dia De Los Muertos.

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