Mexican Breakfast Casserole

    10 Mins
    55 Mins
    Serves 8

In Los Angeles, we may not have a classic “White Christmas,” but Christmas morning is still one of my favorite times of the year. It’s filled with anticipation of opening gifts. It’s filled with love and laughter of family. For the most part, I can remember being a child and waking up Christmas mornings to the smell of chorizo and warm, homemade tortillas. My brothers and I would be so anxious in our new pajamas just waiting to tear open the presents underneath the Christmas tree.

After ravaging all the wrapped presents and cleaning up the mess we made, mom would call us to the table as a family to enjoy our Christmas breakfast she prepared with love. Looking at the family’s table, I would see a big Christmas breakfast spread consisting of huevos con chorizo, papas, refried beans with lots of cheese, fresh salsa, and homemade flour tortillas. Mexican hot chocolate for the boys and freshly brewed coffee for mom and dad.

For this recipe, I have taken my favorite Christmas breakfast and turned it into a Christmas Mexican Breakfast Casserole. All the same great flavors in one dish. I can even prepare the casserole the night before, place it in the oven in the morning and enjoy opening presents. I no longer have to miss the whole thing because I am stuck in the kitchen cooking.

The breakfast casserole comes to life with the kick of spice from the Cacique Pork Chorizo. The perfect combination of four authentic, Mexican-style cheeses: Manchego, Oaxaca, Quesadilla and Asadero, melts so easily and brings the entire dish together.

Merry Christmas/Feliz Navidad from our family to yours!

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