Mexican Cocktail Meatballs

    30 Mins
    2-4 Hrs
    2 dozen meatballs

Summer season is in full swing, which means lots of outdoor or al fresco entertaining. My summer entertaining nearly rivals that of the holidays, but I absolutely love it. Finger foods and appetizers seem to be the trend this year, with more and more gatherings I attend and hosts offering delicious arrays of small plate items. Personally, I love this trend. I get to try more things at smaller portion sizes.

Occasionally, the gatherings are a grab bag of foods with no theme or cuisine in place. It’s a free for all! Occasionally there is some structure or theme for these parties. Sometimes it’s culturally specific dishes like Asian cuisine night, other times it is by food type like food on a stick.

Whether you’re hosting or attending, and it’s a themed or authentic potluck, you can’t go wrong with these cocktail meatballs. We’ve all had the mini meatballs drowned in bbq sauce or some sort of sweet and sticky Asian inspired sauce at countless parties. But, these will blow your guests away. There are layers of flavor in each meatball from the richly seasoned and spiced Cacique® Longaniza, ground beef, and the cilantro, coupled with the slightly spicy sauce with the ever so delicate hint of sweetness and covered in bold-tasting Cacique® Cotija cheese! Well friends, it will simply leave your palate mesmerized and begging for more.

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