Mexican Salad Bowl with Cilantro Lime Dressing

    20 Mins
    25 Mins
    Serves 6-8

It’s a New Year and a New You!! 2018 is here and I know we are planning our resolutions and figuring out what goals we would like to set for ourselves. Many of us may be looking towards a healthier lifestyle. One thing I can suggest is to not be too extreme or it won’t last. If you want to make wiser choices for you and possibly your family as well, I suggest making it fun and easy, not to mention delicious! If you want to shed a few pounds or just feel better and have a more balanced diet, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all things that are tasty! This salad is a perfect example to me, it’s filled with lots of veggies and greens, but it’s still very satisfying. The Cacique® Cilantro Lime Sour Cream is a perfect base for a salad dressing, and of course you can use as little or as much of that based on your preference.

I also know as a parent, that it can be hard to diet when your kids just want all the amazing, rich foods you have restricted yourself to not indulging in. Well here is the beautiful middle ground; this dish is full of nutrients, flavor and ease fit for a family just after the New Year so that everyone is happy! I know kids can be picky, and us adults don’t want to have to eat bland foods to feel healthy, so this is a perfect combo because it has fresh corn, avocado and that touch of creaminess that will bring a smile to everyone’s face. Cacique® is a family-run company, so they know how stressful it can be to balance it all, and that’s why I’ve teamed up with them to bring delicious, easy, nutritious recipes from my kitchen to yours.

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