Mini Mexican Tuna Melts

    20 Min
    35 Min

What can I say? I’m a little nostalgic about canned tuna. And I know it’s weird, but just opening a can and squeezing out the water can send me back in time.

My Mom made a pretty incredible Tuna Salad Sandwich. Finely diced celery and onion mixed with her homemade mayonnaise and slathered onto white bread. It was nothing fancy, but always a Friday night favorite with the family.

Then there was Tuna Casserole. You know the one. The creamy, cheesy, maybe-there-is-a-can-of-soup-mixed-in-there Tuna Fish Casserole. And in a family of eight, that skillet of steaming tuna, noodles and melting cheese was practically special occasion cuisine. Sometime in college, I was introduced to the Tuna Melt. And could there be a more perfect combination of Sandwich and Casserole? Creamy, cheesy tuna and crunchy toasted bread practically guarantee a comfort food flashback. Flash forward to these Mini Tuna Melts revved up with jalapeno, cumin, lime and two kinds of Cacique® cheese. Robust Enchilado Cheese adds extraordinary flavor to the tuna and Queso Quesadilla Cheese lends a general creaminess to the whole mouthful.

These easy to prepare, two-bite appetizers are elegant when paired with sparkling wine on Mother’s Day yet hardy enough to sacrifice to the man cave on game day.

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