Monster Mash Cheese Balls

    5 Mins
    15 Mins
    Serves 10-12

Halloween isn’t just about passing out candy on October 31st. It’s really about all the days before! The gathering of friends, hanging outside in the gorgeous fall weather, crafting, and celebrating all things orange and black! What ties it all together is food! But not just ordinary edibles. You have to have Halloween-inspired goodies to make the experience even more fun and frightful. That’s where Cacique Queso Fresco comes in! One package of this soft and curd-like cheese is all it takes to produce a centerpiece that wows.

Queso Fresco and a few condiments you probably have on hand is all you need to make these delicious and silly monster cheese balls. Not only does the cheese have a tangy, salty tinge, but after you finish making these monster balls, you’ll find these monster cheese balls also have a flavorful kick (Tapatio! Jalapeños! Oh yeah!). What I like about them is they are easy for the kiddos to assemble. The Queso Fresco is soft and crumbly, but don’t let that fool you. It can be easily formed into a perfectly round ball – and then embellished with bite-sized pieces of bell peppers, olives, jalapeños and more. You can add your favorite chili sauce to add an extra layer of flavor and tint, or just use food coloring. Each monster ball is bite sized, and an individual work of art!

Serve with other Cacique cheeses or chorizo, your favorite crackers or bolillo bread slices, and frosty beverage. You can create an entire army of monsters for your guests to gobble this Halloween! Have fun coming up with facial expressions, hair, texture and colors to create the ultimate monster mash cheese ball party!

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