On the Road with Aarón Sánchez


I am on the road traveling a lot, so I know how hard it can be to balance being a parent, business-owner, and eating right. Cacique® has made it so easy to create fast, simple, tasty recipes no matter what your schedule is. My first rule of thumb is making sure all of my ingredients are fresh! All Cacique products are handled with the utmost care and I ensure you that all items are fresh and authentic, so that’s a great start. Next, you have to make what you love, things that remind you of home or that feel comforting. Food is supposed to be enjoyed with family and friends and can be carried on for generations to come. When you make recipes at home, get the kids involved, they love to help and will cherish those memories for the rest of their lives. Finally, have fun and let your personality and story come out in your dishes; that is what makes cooking so special! Every plate is unique and every family has their own narrative to share through food.

My son loves to get in the kitchen, and I remember making many of the recipes I have put my twist on when I was a kid. My Tias, Abuela and Mom would teach me simple tasks and show me how it was being incorporated into a larger dish or spread and I know how much fun that was for me and how accomplished I felt when we would put the finalized dishes on the table. I love to take my son to the farmers market and teach him all about new and exciting ingredients. When I let him mix a dressing, combine ingredients or sprinkle the finishing Cacique® Cotija on a dish, his face lights up. These are the moments that keep us going through any adversity or challenges in life. When I’ve been gone for a while, the first thing I will do is roll up my sleeves and get in the kitchen with him. I ask him what he has learned in school and get to find out the way he is becoming a man through the ways that he takes on new tasks and see his confidence growing in the making of these family dishes.

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