Pork & Rice Street Cart Style Tacos

    20 Mins
    15 Mins
    Serves 4

Celebrations are a huge part of our family and it seems like over time, our celebrations only get bigger each time, because there truly is so much to celebrate within life. Whether we find ourselves celebrating birthdays or hosting a celebration to remember those who have gone before us, it’s always a key time to reflect and remember our loved ones. We always choose our celebration based around a theme that our loved one enjoyed (or enjoys).

As we near Día de los Muertos which is a holiday celebrated in Mexico, Central & South America, as well as in many Mexican and Central American communities, we want to celebrate with a family-favorite Mexican-themed meal, inspired by our travels while visiting a loved one who has gone before us. Pork & Rice Street Cart Style Tacos has evolved over time within our family as a sweet memory and celebration. These easy and quick Street Cart Style Tacos are a hit, super quick to whip up and a recipe that you’ll find yourself going to for celebrations.

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