Pork Tenderloin with Chorizo-Walnut Fig Sauce

    5 Mins
    35 Mins
    Serves 2

Once upon a time heading out for a romantic dinner for two was literally impossible. Mi carino worked full-time and drove to the local college to attend evening classes. I in turn was at home wrangling kiddos, tackling the endless pile of laundry, working part-time from home while attending school online. Our time together was limited, very limited and this did not sit well with us. One night as we sat at the table completely exhausted after a long day, eating bowls of cereal we decided we need to create time for us.

We decided once a week we would have date night at home. We would put the kids to bed early, settle into the living room and enjoy a delicious meal together. No reservations, no sitters, no traffic, no pressure just us together in the comfort of our home feasting on a decadent meal for two.

One of the first decadent date night meals I cooked was a pork tenderloin. Pork tenderloin makes for an elegant dish, without all the fuss. It can easily be grilled, roasted, stuffed, spice rubbed or marinated. A pork tenderloin is the ultimate date night meal, plus it cooks in no time.
Pork tenderloin is a lean protein, so it’s important not to overcook it. I like to begin my pork tenderloin in a cast iron skillet and finish it off in the oven. This method results in a juicy, tender tenderloin. Brown the tenderloin on all sides, then place in a preheated oven for an additional 15-20 minutes until the meat reaches the internal temperature of 140°. Allow your tenderloin to rest while you finish your sauce.

Today I want to share with you an elegant pork tenderloin served with a rich, creamy chorizo-walnut fig sauce made with Cacique products. My sauce features both Cacique crema and Cacique chorizo, both essential ingredients in my fridge that I use weekly in my meals. A touch of sweetness from figs, walnut for heartiness pair nicely with the juicy tenderloin and compliment the earthiness of the chorizo.

Now that our girls are older, escaping for a night on the town is now easier, but while I love being wined and dined at a fancy restaurant, date nights at home are still my preferred choice. There is something special about whipping up a decadent meal with your loved one, all in the comforts of home.

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