Queso Enchilado and Rajas Gorditas

    15 Min
    20 Min

Gorditas mean “little fat ones” in Spanish, and during big family dinners it also means full, satisfied pansas. Making gorditas is a treat because it does involve a little bit of labor like homemade tortillas or making tamales. Unlike tamales, you don’t need to schedule your life around making them. With minimal preparation you can have puffed, crispy gorditas ready for dinner in no time at all.

Calorie counting aside, gorditas are a great traditional Mexican dish and they’re made year round in Latino households. Cousin to the chalupa, sope, Salvadorean pupusa, and the Colombian/Venezuelan arepa, these corn flour cakes are typically flattened by hand and fried until golden brown. Cutting a slit into the fried corn cakes will allow you to stuff your gordita with different types of cheeses and meats for a savory meal any day of the week.

In my household we cannot have gorditas without cheese, and I’m not just talking about garnish. For this recipe I used Cacique® Enchilado cheese because it melts, yet it can hold its shape so it doesn’t just ooze out of the gorditas. The enchilado cheese is rolled in paprika, so you also get that great smoky-sweet aroma in your cheese. Of course feel free to sprinkle more cheese atop your gorditas if you have left over.

These little corn cakes are pretty forgiving too because they can be pinched, pulled, rolled and re-rolled. That being said, gorditas are best eaten within within minutes after frying, which, if your family is anything like mine, is not a problem at all.

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