Roasted Corn and Bacon Dip

    15 Min
    15 Min

I only invited a few friends over to my house this year for the big game. The first question everyone asked was “What are you cooking?” No one bothered to ask which team I wanted to see win, or who my husband is rooting for. No one asked if I was going to have one of those pools with all the little boxes…all anyone seems to care about is what will be on the menu. The big game is quickly becoming America’s biggest food holiday after Thanksgiving. So I put on my thinking cap and thought nothing cheers game time on like a creamy cheesy dip. It’s comfort and nostalgia rolled into one. Digging into a hot dip right out of the oven really sets the mood of the gathering, and will attract everyone north of the television to grab a bite while they feast on the game, the commercials and the entertainment.

For this dip I charred pasilla chiles, fried up a pound of bacon, roasted corn and tied it all together with Cacique’s Queso Quesadilla Jalapeno Cheese, Panela Cheese, and Ranchero® Crema con Sal. Just for the record: Cacique’s Crema con Sal is so good you could practically drink it out of the bottle. You shouldn’t…but I wanted to. With that being said you can only imagine how beautiful this dip is. Make it for your big game gathering and no one will question what you’re serving!


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