Roasted Corn Lettuce Wraps With Salsa Huancaina

    20 Min
    7 Min

Huancaina sauce is one of the stars of Peruvian cooking and it’s a big hit in any occasion. Usually served as the topping for boiled yellow potatoes, you can also find it added to several dishes: as a tasty dip for hard-boiled quail eggs or fried yucca sticks, as a sauce for steaks or barbequed chicken, or as part of a creamy risotto or pasta entrée. When I’m feeling lazy in the kitchen but want to eat something filled with flavor and comforting, I also love pouring it over some roasted corn with sliced scallions.

The creamy huancaina sauce is made with Peruvian yellow chili peppers –called aji amarillo-, queso fresco, and evaporated milk; but for this recipe I used Cacique® Panela cheese to give the sauce an even richer flavor and texture. Instead of fresh chili peppers I used aji amarillo paste because sometimes they are not easy to find outside of Peru (feel free to use them frozen or jarred as well). For a fun twist, use roasted bell peppers or a combination of both bell and chili peppers. A different yet delicious variation!

These roasted corn lettuce wraps are my new go-to side dish for any backyard event with friends and family. They are easy to make, and if you have the ingredients, the salsa will be ready in the blink of an eye. All you have to do is process everything in the blender, y listo!

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