Soy Chorizo Risotto with Mushrooms & Manchego

    15 Mins
    20 Mins
    Serves 2-4

Anytime anybody mentions “chorizo,” you can hear the hearts swoon, and tales of incredible breakfasts soon follow. In my conversations, this is often followed by the notion that soy chorizo is actually preferred among my friends over the meaty version. Whatever the case, it’s safe to say that chorizo is a loved part of our breakfast rituals. But, why does it always seem to be a breakfast staple? Maybe it’s not in your circle, but it is in mine, and I set out to break away from that norm, and create a dinner that rivals the best of breakfasts.

This creamy, spicy, and beer-infused risotto is the perfect dish to pamper your loved ones! First of all, it contains Cacique Soy Chorizo, which alone piques interest. Soy Chorizo in a dinner? Why not! Beer and Cacique’s nutty, hearty, melty Manchego cheese takes this creamy rice dish to an unparalleled decadence.

Risotto always takes a little time and focus, but it will all be worth it in the end. The key to a great risotto is patience. Make sure you have all of your vegetables chopped, liquids measured, and cheese shredded before you get started, and it will be easy as pie! You must pay great attention to the risotto as it cooks, as it needs continual stirring. Your vegetable stock should be hot as you add it incrementally to the rice mixture, so the temperature doesn’t fluctuate so much as it cooks. Don’t take your eye off it, or it may burn, and trust me, you don’t want that! You will be rewarded with a creamy, spicy, meaty, decadent vegetarian dish that is simply heavenly. Taking the time to create the avocado rose to top it all off will give it the perfect finishing touch.

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