Sweet Potatoes with Pork Chorizo & Queso Blanco

    25 Min
    45 Min
    Serves 4

Every year I enjoy the Thanksgiving season more and more, loving the flavors and colors of this time of the year. With my family we always try to get together with our friends, and many times we make up our menu with the cooperation of everyone. It’s a great way to try a diverse set of food preparations!

That is why this time I thought of an ingredient that I particularly like, which are the popular sweet potatoes. I consider that they are so versatile when it comes to cooking them, and I think they are the perfect side to the Thanksgiving dinner, they definitely can’t miss their place on the table.

For this recipe, I wanted to do it in a fairly different way than how they are usually prepared, and I found fascinating the mixture that I achieved between the mashed sweet potatoes in combination with Cacique® Pork Chorizo and Queso Blanco. The chorizo gives moisture to the mix, as well as some spiciness and a lot of flavor. The cheese provides the balance and smoothness to all this mixture.
Best of all, is that with just a few ingredients you can achieve a powerful and tasty recipe like this, and you will realize how easy it can be to prepare recipes and make our meals better.

This recipe is very simple and practical. Besides, you can prepare the sweet potatoes ahead of time, and it will only take you a few minutes before serving, in order to complete the preparation of the filling. And of course, you also have the alternative to prepare the complete recipe (i.e. including the filling), and later on you just have to warm everything up.

There is also the option that once the sweet potato is cooked, you can then cut it in half or alternatively just make a slight cut in the center to remove much of the potato contents. Both presentations look great, so you’ll be able to pick the one that will tempt you the most. I hope you enjoy this delicious way of preparing this side.

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