Taquito Cones

    20 Mins
    15 Mins
    Serves 24

This time of year always means a plethora of parties and get togethers. It’s the perfect time of the year to spend quality time with friends and family and just enjoy the season. You know what I’m talking about – joy, peace and love. It’s my favorite time of the year for sure and I never miss an opportunity to get everyone together to enjoy a holiday movie watching, for book club, an ornament exchange or simply just because. I treasure the time with friends and family.

This time of year, gets hectic too, so it’s important to make time for each other and show your friends and family how much you appreciate them. My favorite get-togethers are with my mom’s family. She is one of thirteen children and the entire family still gets together every year. With so many people, our family celebrations are huge! For the last couple of years, I have gone to a reception and eat these little taquito cones. Every time I have them I say I will recreate them and well I finally did it. They were such a hit with my taste testers that I’m going to share them at all my gatherings this season.

These little taquito cones are small, easily adaptable, tasty and the perfect appetizer. It doesn’t take much time to put them together and the taste is comfort food all the way. It’s like a little quesadilla rolled up. For these little appetizers, I used Cacique® Beef Chorizo, Cacique® Queso Quesadilla and some Cacique® Crema Mexicana. With all these ingredients together, you can’t go wrong.

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