Thanksgiving Recipes with Mexican Flair


Thanksgiving is one of the biggest food holidays of the year and I typically love to gather friends, family and loved ones for a big feast. This year will look different for all of us, but at the very least, we can still celebrate by cooking the recipes that we love for this holiday. Plus, I always encourage people to try new things in the kitchen, and one of the ways you can take Thanksgiving to the next level is by incorporating recipes that have Mexican inspired flair!

In my house we generally divide and conquer; my Mom always relegates me to side dish duty while she does the turkey and other family members handle the appetizers and desserts. For me, one of my favorite sides is a Whole Roasted Acorn Squash with Chorizo and Red Pepper Crema because it’s so warm and festive. Acorn squash is a classic fall vegetable, but the additions of flavor packed chorizo, rice, beans, pumpkin seeds and crema infused with charred red peppers make this side dish a showstopper. Likewise, adding Mexican staples like chorizo can upgrade your stuffing or Macaroni and Cheese! Even if you’re not making a traditional dish, Mexican cheeses, creams and chorizos can be your secret ingredient.

And, of course, the same is true for your after-dinner treats! Seasonal desserts like an Apple Tart with Creamy Cacique Queso Fresco Filling or a Capirotada with Queso Fresco and Coffee, Toffee Crema are sure to please.

Thanksgiving is always a time to create lasting memories with your family and share gratitude. Having the best ingredients, including fresh, authentic Mexican products, is a great way to ensure you and your family can enjoy the best meal possible! I love working with Cacique because they are a family-owned company I can trust to always provide the best Mexican ingredients out there. Above all, enjoy this time of celebration and I hope everyone stays healthy and safe!

Whole-Roasted Acorn Squash with Chorizo and Red Pepper Crema

Layered Mac and Cheese with Chorizo and Tomato Sauce 

Capirotada with Queso Fresco and Coffee and Toffee Crema 

Apple Tart with Creamy Queso Fresco Filling


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