The Unsung Hero of Cheese: The Cheese Grater


Here at Cacique, we make no effort to hide our unending passion and love for cheese, but we seldom take any time to recognize the various tools and instruments that help us slice, serve, and enjoy it.

Today, we pay homage to the “cheese grater” in all of its varied shapes and sizes. Cheese graters have come a long way from the classic “metal triangular” model that you probably remember from childhood. From modern to old-world, and with varying degrees of fun and functionality, check out this collection of clever and unique cheese graters.

1. The Grating Bucket
cheese grater 1

The Grating Bucket keeps your cheese in place as you grate it. Perfect for those who want no cheese left behind.

2. The Shredder
cheese grater 2

The Shredder bring the Rock music experience to your cooking process. Sure, you could simply listen to your favorite 80s hair metal band at the same time, but isn’t it so much better when you get to shred for real? Buy it here:

3. The Flexita
cheese grater 3

Bring some flexibility to your cheese grating. The Flexita features convenient flexible metal so you can get a solid grip without any sharp points digging into your hands.

4. The “Gangster” Grater
cheese grater 4

You some sort of wise guy? Get the Gangster Grater and serve up some cheese-inspired dishes for your next Mob-inspired movie night. Buy it here:

5. Stanislav Katz’s Cheese Grater
cheese grater 5

We find this cheese grater beautiful for it’s literal simplicity. But while we love the design, we make no endorsements on functionality…

6. Boston Warehouse Dollhouse Cheese Grater
cheese grater 6

The cute design of this grater makes it another one of our favorites, although it’s not designed to handle large amounts of cheese…which is problematic for many of our staff members. Buy it here:

7. The Wedge Grater
cheese grater 7acheese grater 7b

Disguised as a giant wedge of cheese, this grater is actually quite effective with a comfortable grip for easy use. Buy it here:

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