Tropical Yogurt Brunch Cake

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I live in New York where weekend brunch is a big deal. Sure, we have a reputation for running fast paced lives during the week and grabbing food on the run. All true. Saturdays, too, tend to be busy and full of errands, shopping and appointments in our somewhat over-scheduled lives. But Sundays are for fun…and for brunch!

Almost all restaurants offer a Sunday brunch menu and sometimes it’s very different from their normal fare. So you’ll find ethnic cuisine establishments offering American classics like eggs, bacon and pancakes on their brunch menus. And they’re all packed full, too. Brunch around here starts at 11:00 and goes till way past normal lunch times with lines of people waiting.

It’s fun to do that sometimes but we’re also big fans of staying in and making our own brunch right here. Our preference is for a sweeter menu so sweet, quick breads and pastries are common. And because quick breads are so easy to make, it doesn’t feel like much work to get one in the oven early in the morning so that it’s ready for brunch.

Cacique’s line of yogurt smoothies have such vibrant flavors that they are perfect additions to these cakes. The pina colada was amazing in the cake and the strawberry banana flavor was just the right touch for the fruit filled topping. Just put on a good pot of coffee, serve this brunch cake and spend the day relaxing.

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