Twice Baked Guajillo Sweet Potatoes

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I’m in the midst of planning my holiday meals and I am loving every minute of it! I’m the planner in the family. Don’t get me wrong, my siblings enjoy celebrating the holidays, but this sister enjoys taking the lead. Months in advance I am thinking of potential tablescapes, planning my dessert buffet, and since I don’t plan to mess with the traditional turkey my abuelita has made since I was little, I focus on revamping the side dishes.

My first thought was to punch up the spice on our Brussels sprouts, but then it hit me. Potatoes! What would Thanksgiving be without potatoes? Pretty boring if you ask me. Potatoes are a Thanksgiving staple and I plan to celebrate their fluffy goodness by serving up my family a sweet potato side dish with a creative spin with the help of Cacique® Crema Mexican Agria.

I’m taking my twice baked potatoes to the next level by adding a layer of depth from guajillo chiles. Guajillo chiles are dark reddish brown chiles that are mild in heat. They add wonderful depth of flavor to any dish. A quick toast on the comal, then rehydrated, the chiles are pureed until smooth and mixed into our twice baked potato filling.

Look for Cacique® Crema Mexican Agria in the refrigerated area of your grocery store. A thick, buttery grade A sour cream with a Mexican flair which adds a tasty zing to any dish it is incorporated into. Cacique’s Crema Mexican Agria is not only delicious but it is a versatile ingredient to have as part of your kitchen staples. Use it as a topping for nachos, over a bowl of steamy beans, or as a base for soups, sauces (hello chipotle dipping sauce) or mixed into as part of a filling, as with our twice baked potatoes.

The guajillo sauce in this recipe can be made days in advance, warmed in the microwave and mixed into the warm sweet potato filling.

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